Addiction Crisis Solutions (ACS):
Founded by Kelly J. Clark MD, MBA, Addiction Crisis Solutions (ACS) is a company focused on educating all stakeholder groups in the service of transforming addiction care into evidence-based, cost-effective practice.

Board certified in both addiction medicine and psychiatry, Dr. Clark has focused her career on issues of addictive disease, evidence informed behavioral health care, and payment reform. A sought-after speaker and consultant, Dr. Clark also serves as President of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). She has provided expertise about the opioid crisis to the US Presidential Opioid Commission, FDA, SAMHSA, the Office of Comptroller General; the Pew Trusts, National Safety Council, and National Business Group on Health; as well as numerous provider and payer organizations.

For additional information on our founder, please visit DrKellyClark.com